Congressman Boehner: If the President Is Looking for a To-Do List, He Can Start with House-Passed Jobs Bills Blocked by Senate Dems

In his weekly press briefing today, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) said families and small businesses are getting squeezed by President Obamas failed economic policies, and outlined the actions House Republicans are taking to help turn the economy around and create jobs.  As Congressman Boehner noted, while Republicans have remained focused on jobs, the president has been disengaged focusing instead on election-year posturing and political gimmicks that have diminished the presidency to the size of a Post-It note.  Following are video and text of Congressman Boehners remarks:

On Americans Being Squeezed By President Obamas Failed Economic Policies:

        You know, just last week, the American people received another depressing jobs report just 115,000 Americans found work, while three times that many gave up looking for work. Wages in the country are flat. And, while theyve fallen slightly lately, gas prices are still way too high.

        You know, its graduation season around the country, and today half of new college grads are not going to be able to find a job.

        Between a weak job market, falling home prices, and the rising cost of living, the American people are getting squeezed. They are getting squeezed because President Obamas economic policies have failed.  

On House Republicans Actions to Create Jobs & Reduce the Deficit Without Harming Our Nations Defense:

        They feel stuck so the House is going to do the work that the American people expect of us.

        Last week, we passed a responsible bill to extend current, low student interest rates. A conference committee is underway on legislation to rebuild our infrastructure and advance new energy projects like the Keystone pipeline. Yesterday, the House passed a reauthorization of the Export-Import bank – with reforms – that will help create jobs in our country.  And this week, well pass our first appropriations bill of the season under an open process, with real spending cuts. And today, I believe that the House will pass a reconciliation bill to protect our military from devastating cuts, while providing significant deficit reduction.

On President Obamas Gimmicks & Posturing Diminishing the Presidency:

        So, the House is doing its work. The House is governing.

        And what do we get from the other side Show votes in the Senate, more gimmicks and posturing by the president. I cant think of a better symbol of how small this presidency has become than looking at the Post-It note that the president’s been carrying around. Weve got the most powerful office in the world there to tackle big problems and hes shrunken it to the size of a Post-It note.  

        My goodness — our economy is stuck, we have a national debt over $15 trillion, millions of Americans are out of work, and all the president has is his gimmicky to-do list Give me a break.  

On the Actions the President Could Take Immediately to Put More Americans Back to Work:

        If the president is looking for a to-do list, he can start with the more than two dozen House-passed jobs bills that are sitting in the United States Senate. He can start by putting Americans to work by approving the Keystone pipeline. He could do something about sky-high gas prices by increasing American energy production. And, he could empower small businesses by cutting red tape and reforming the regulatory process. He could deal with our crippling debt by encouraging Democrats in the Senate to finally pass a budget after more than three years.   

        Look, we want to work with the president, but its about time that he get serious, focused on jobs, focused on our economy, and enough with the gimmicks. 


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